March 2014 marks the beginning of the three year i-SUSTAIN project, CN2050. CN2050 refers to the goal of Washington State becoming climate neutral by 2050. i-SUSTAIN, with it’s long history of involvement with Denmark, will facilitate partnerships and collaborations between Danish and Washington State public, commercial, academic and non-profit entities to greatly reduce reliance on fossil fuels. In doing so, our hope is that Washington State will develop a bolder plan to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 along with Denmark. Through these partnerships, both Washington State and Danish organizations will benefit by working together. While Denmark has a CN 2050 plan in place and a great deal of energy expertise, Washington State has a history of successful entrepreneurship, technical prowess, and an enormous amount of capital to fund innovation. By working with Washington State professionals, Danish companies will have easier access into the US market, and the same is true for access through Denmark to the EU. We thank the Scan|Design Foundation for its support of this very important initiative.

CN2050 was created in honor of Svend Auken, Danish politician, renewable and sustainable energy leader and a great man. He was a great friend of i-SUSTAIN until he died in 2009. To learn more about Svend, go to Svend Auken