Urban Sustainability Delegation to Denmark and Sweden, Sept. 9-14, 2018

Gågader i Købmagergade, her nær Runde Tårn. Arkitektur og byplanlægning. Foto: © Michael Bo Rasmussen / Baghuset. Dato: 14.06.11
Foto: © Michael Bo Rasmussen / Baghuset. Dato: 14.06.11

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i-SUSTAIN has led over 20 sustainability delegations to Denmark and Sweden and is leading another one September 9-14, 2018. The City of Spokane will be the host governmental agency in a professional knowledge exchange trip to Denmark and Sweden in September 2018, focused on sustainable infrastructure and the green economy. Sustainability capitalizes on the triple bottom line and is the best direction to guide Spokane’s future growth to outcompete less sustainable and less resourced cities in the Intermountain West. Thanks to the generosity of the Scan/Design Foundation, all public sector professionals who will be attending have been offered a fully paid scholarship.  Private sector professionals are encouraged to join this delegation but are responsible for their own funding.


 Scholarships for Public Officials


Scan|Design Foundation is providing 12 scholarships to public officials for the September 2017 delegation, as a part of its mission to foster knowledge exchanges and collaboration between Washington state and Denmark. Scholarships cover the program, hotel, program-related transportation, breakfast and a lunch or dinner every day. Airfare is covered up to $1,200.

Scan|Design Foundation requests a few things from scholarship recipients:

  • The opportunity to meet with recipients on expectations and feedback on the effectiveness of this study tour
  • Recipients present their study tour experience to colleagues and invite Scan|Design Foundation and i-SUSTAIN to attend this presentation
  • Recipients reply to a written survey

To apply, please complete the application here and submit it to i-SUSTAIN at sandy@i-sustain.com.


Sergio Gomez Melgar

Sergio Gomez Melgar (Huelva, Spain 1974), is LAR Architecture’s CEO.  In his leadership position at the firm, he has designed more than 600,000 sq. feet of buildings of diverse typologies including residential, educational, social, health, administrative and physical rehabilitation facilities for both private and publics sector clients. Most were awarded through architectural competitions. Some of his constructed works such as Zaranda House and Engineers University School in Huelva, have received international energy efficiency awards (Viena 2012, Gijon 2013 and Dublin 2014). 

Sergio is also a researcher and associate professor at the University of Huelva specializing in energy efficiency in buildings. Sergio is the principal researcher of the Energy Efficiency project at TEP192 Control and Robotics Research Group in the University of Huelva. This research pertains to instrumentation and data analysis for improving energy efficiency in buildings and cities with specific application in passive design for energy efficiency, monitoring and control, and integration of renewable energy in buildings and cities. has been active in the Passive  House Institute in Andalucia, and is the secretary of the Professional Ethics Office in Huelva’s Institute of Architects.

Sergio has extensive professional experience in other countries. He has organized trade missions to China (Shanghai, Chongquing, Qingtao, Chengdu, etc.) and has developed and participated in international conferences and workshops. He has published original articles in international and national scientific journals on construction, sensors and more. He has presented papers at national and international conferences in the field of energy efficiency (Helsinki 2011, Madrid 2012, Shanghai 2014, Shanghai 2015, and others). He has led research projects in competitive tenders funded by government and private companies (EREBA2020 and AURORA, and others).  

He received his architecture education at the University of Seville and has a master’s degree in advanced structural analysis from the University of Huelva

Through the Gehl Lens: Planning for People

3 days of activities and events oriented toward the Eastside’s transformation — October 31-November 2, 2016


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Who should attend:

Professionals in city planning, transportation planning, community development, public space enhancement, cycling infrastructure, policy, real estate, development, housing, chambers of commerce, commercial sector, and civic leadership.

Contact for participation: sandy@i-sustain.com

Contact for sponsorship: patricia@i-sustain.com



Monday, 10/31

  • 9:30 am to 10:30 am – Presentation by Jeff Risom/Gehl on “Public Spaces/Public Life” at Bellevue City Hall. (Everyone is welcome to attend for free)
  • 11:00 am to 2:30 pm – Discussion and site visit regarding the Grand Connection (For invitees and sponsors only)

Tuesday, 11/1

  • 9:30 am to 2:00 pm – Discussion and site visit regarding Wilburton/Eastside Rail Corridor (For invitees and sponsors only)
  • 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm – Quantitative and Qualitative Public Space Analysis (For invitees and sponsors only)
  • 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm – Tactical urbanism project: “Enlivening Wilburton: Trailside Café”

Tactical urbanism projects are temporary actions that can inform and inspire larger transformations in the urban environment. Come envision how you can enliven the rail corridor! This event is free and open to all, but space is limited. Please register at https://www.rei.com/events/enlivening-wilburton-trailside-cafe/bellevue/158279

Wednesday 11/2

  • 9:00 am to 2pm, Bellevue, WA (location will be provided to registrants)screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-7-32-51-pm
  • 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm – Wrap up of the three days of events


An experiential seminar followed by webinars. The event will take place in the classroom and in the field at various locations. It will be followed up by two webinars led by Jeff from Copenhagen. (Fee: $325)

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In June 2016, i-SUSTAIN led a delegation from Bellevue on a research delegation to Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmö, Sweden, with members of Bellevue City Council, senior staff from the transportation and planning departments and Cascade Bicycle Club among others. Focus areas included mobility, public spaces, economic growth and competitiveness, clean energy infrastructure and affordability.

The delegation met with experts from Gehl at their Copenhagen headquarters. Gehl is a global leader in people-centric design focusing on how the built environment connects to people’s quality of life. They have been researching quality of life in public space, around the world, for over 40 years and have worked in over 50 countries and 250 cities.

From Oct. 31 – Nov. 2, 2016, the momentum generated by the delegation continues through a series of Bellevue site visits, workshops and a seminar conducted by Jeff Risom, Managing Director of Gehl in the US. All events will take place in Bellevue.

About Gehl Architects

Gehl is an urban design and research consultancy offering expertise in the fields of architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and city planning. They address global trends with a people-focused approach, utilizing empirical analysis to understand how the built environment can promote well-being. We apply this analysis to strategic planning and human-centered design to empower citizens, decision-makers, company leaders, and organizations.

About Jeff Risom

Jeff leads the San Francisco and New York based teams. In his time at Gehl, Jeff has worked with both public and private clients as well as non-governmental organizations in Europe, the USA, Latin America,India and China. Jeff’s background and design experience provides him with a unique insight into the technical, as well as social aspects of urban design.

Jeff is an active teacher and lecturer, speaking at conferences around the world and is guest lecturer at Harvard GSD, U. Penn, London School of Economics,the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art and DIS.


Since 2004, i-SUSTAIN has taken public and private sector built environment professionals throughout the world to experience best practices. Over 30 delegations from Seattle and Portland have gone to Denmark and Sweden because Scandinavian cities are quite analogous to those in the Pacific Northwest and many of the policies and practices apply. Scandinavia tends to be ahead in the areas of mobility, public spaces, renewable and sustainable energy, the use of smart technologies, and the global marketing of themselves as world leaders in sustainable development.



Talented Architects from The Andalusia Region of Spain are Coming to Collaborate With You



Why you would want architects from Andalusia, Spain on your team.

 Architects from the Andalusian region of Spain have deep expertise in applying traditional Mediterranean concepts, in which low energy and water use are a given, to contemporary architecture. Making them even more interesting and valuable as collaborators is their extensive engineering training that is a significant part of the architecture education in Spain. Come eat some delicious food and drink from Andalusia and hear what our Andalusian architects have to offer. We will also be happy to meet with you and your colleagues privately in your office.


Monday, Nov. 7 – Los Angeles area
Tuesday, Nov. 8 – Los Angeles area
Wednesday, Nov. 9 – San Francisco
Thursday, Nov. 10 – Seattle
Friday, Nov. 11 – Seattle




The diversity of Andalusian architects will be represented by









LAR (Laboratorio de Arquitectura Responsable)

Sergio Gómez Melgar

Click here for bio

LAR is a general architecture firm whose projects reflect its expertise in energy efficient buildings including passive construction, and retrofitting existing buildings to be more energy-efficient. Their projects include educational buildings from kindergartens to universities and health care facilities. Awards they have received include the Isover Energy Efficiency “the best of awards” (Dublin, March 2014 and Viena, June 2009) and II Concurso Iberoamericano Passivhaus (Gijon, 2015)

10 Photography Logos DarkMETABOLAI

José Carlos Sánchez Romero

José Carlos Sánchez Romero [Studio of Architecture] was established in Seville in 1991. Since its beginnings, the Studio expressed its interest in different fields which reveal a polyhedral view of architectural work, which goes from interventions on the historical heritage, administrative, cultural and sporting buildings, singular architecture and social or private housing, to research work, conferences and publications.

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ARCHITEChTURES is an artificial intelligence cloud-based architectural design service which dramatically reduces the designing time from months to hours. HOUSING is a high flexible residential system to provide endless building schemes.



Read more about the work of our Andalusian experts:


Urban Sustainability in Denmark and Sweden, June 26 – July 1, 2016

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This Delegation will focus on the following:

Improved Mobility

Site visits and meetings will include the following:

-Creating a bicycle culture

-Multi-modal transit planning

-Bicycle infrastructure

-Conversion of above-ground parking lots into public spaces and pedestrianizing downtowns

-Public/private partnerships for funding mass transit

-Bike tour throughout the city, including suburban to urban commuting (Green Ways)

-Integrating typically non-biking community into bicycling through education

Economic Growth and Competitiveness

Site visits and meetings will include the following:

– Creating a regional identity

– The policies for creating the Oresund Region

– The economic development experience in the Oresund Region

– Land use developments as a result of the Oresund Region

– Public/private partnerships for funding mass transit

Healthy and Sustainable Environments

Site visits and meetings will include the following:

– Smart grids

– Locally produced power

– Natural stormwater management

– Street design with energy efficient in-ground trash and recycling pipes

– Combined heat and power; district heating and cooling

Quality Neighborhoods

Site visits and meetings will include the following:

– Morning presentation by Gehl Architects on Gehl’s theories of people-centered neighborhoods

– Tour of neighborhoods by Gehl Architects including low income and affordable housing

– Development of new, energy efficient neighborhoods

– Redevelopment of Augustenborg, a low income community, to increase the quality of life for people and be more environmentally sustainable 

– Combining industrial and recreational uses

– Zero energy housing development

Convening of Washington State, Danish and Swedish Climate and Energy Professionals April 11-12, 2016


Through our Climate and Energy Convening of Washington state, Danish and Swedish professionals i-SUSTAIN is providing an opportunity to do something different and meaningful — a bi-directional sharing of actionable knowledge between influential public, business and NGO leaders from Washington state, Denmark and Sweden who are pursuing climate and energy goals. Our approach is collaborative and interactive in which everyone who participates is a partner and the content reflects tangible real-life experience that is meaningful in comparison. (Add here: We would like to thank our partner, the Scan/Design Foundation, and our other key supporters, the District Energy Alliance, UMC, Daniels Real Estatet, ZGF, Enwave, Washington State UTC, Snohomish PUD, and Emerge Leadership.


convening image updated

PUD_Logo       Print

The April 11-12, 2016, convening theme is:

Combined Heat and Power and District Energy—Overcoming the Obstacles, Realizing the Benefits

There is a great deal of interest in Washington state to utilize the efficiencies inherent in modern district energy systems—however, several hurdles have to be overcome in going from concept to implementation. i-SUSTAIN is organizing a series of “roll up the sleeves” invitation-only workshops and site visits from April 11-12, 2016, in which high-level, influential professionals from Washington state, Denmark, Sweden, and other regions come together to work through issues related to financing, management of the conversion of steam to hot water, system expansion, and operations. Our efforts during these days will be based on projects under serious consideration, including the University of Washington campus and the redevelopment of the Washington state capitol campus, along with district energy for smaller communities.

Two free open-to-the-public events will also be offered—see below.

 Workshop Content (invitation-only)

A series of workshops in Olympia (April 11), Seattle (April 12), and possibly other Washington state cities will include the following:

  • Making the case—how to explain cost/benefits of district energy
  • Understanding financing options, including public/private partnerships
  • Modernizing existing systems to utilize water instead of steam
  • Policy and technical aspects of integration of district energy into the grid
  • Expanding campus systems into nearby neighborhoods
  • Converting combined heat and power plants from fossil fuels to biofuels
  • The impacts of using natural water sources in district energy
  • Community economic development through PUD ownership of district energy systems

Public Events in Olympia/April 11 and Seattle/April 12

Event details and RSVP here. 




Site Visits (Invitation Only)


  • Amazon-Westin Building data center heat exchange
  • The Washington state capitol campus


Without the contributions of our partners, participants and supporters, this convening would not be possible.  We thank you for your input and assistance.

Partial list of Participants

  • Danfoss
  • Embassy of Denmark
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Washington
  • UMC Energy & EnvironmentCity of Olympia
  • Vulcan Inc.
  • Isoplus Piping Systems

Please express your interest to partner or participate to sandy@i-sustain.com and CC patricia@i-sustain.com


-For background information, click here