Custom Events Get People Excited About Urban Sustainability

There is nothing like having the best known civic leaders don glamorous outfits made of trash (yes, trash) and strut their stuff down a catwalk at the Seattle Art Museum for getting people to think about what becomes trash and how much trash is generated. We’ve organized this event twice; once in 2008 and once in 2010. (Takes a few seconds to load)

i-Sustain conceived of and organized the Jan Gehl Street Party to show how even humble streets can become incredible public spaces. For one magical evening, we turned an ugly, dirty street in an otherwise industrial area, into a lovely outdoor cafe.The speaker we brought in was Jan Gehl, the world’s foremost authority on people-friendly public places. (Takes a few seconds to load)

i-SUSTAIN conceived and organized the Commuter Tookit Photo Shoot to get the images for the Commuter Toolkit poster and associated website. The photo shoot involved shutting down a main downtown Seattle street for several hours early on a Sunday morning to set up the photo shoot with hundreds of volunteers.

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See the Commuter Toolkit Poster