Examples of Research Projects Solid Waste Management Comparison

While Seattle considers itself to be a world leader in waste management, the truth is that the city recycles about half of its waste, not including construction and demolition waste, while sending the rest almost 300 miles away to be landfilled in Oregon. In comparison, Copenhagen, with a similar population size, landfills less than 3% of its waste which includes construction and demolition waste, and processes all waste within seven miles of the city center. In addition, Copenhagen gets electricity and heat from its waste through clean, efficient waste to energy plants. Copenhagen’s system is 20 times more efficient than Seattle’s, in terms of energy and waste footprint. Read the executive summary, or download the whole presentation/analysis below.

Solid Waste Management Comparison, Executive Summary Solid Waste Management Comparison, Entire Presentation/Analysis

A Tale of Two Cities’ Growth Strategies: Seattle and Copenhagen

Seattle and Copenhagen share much in common. Both cities have approximately the same population, and continue to attract new residents. Both cities want growth to occur through densification rather than sprawl. This paper shows that Copenhagen is much more flexible when it comes to accommodating growth, and that Seattle may need to make some shifts in policy to provide for more growth within the urban core. CLIENT: VULCAN, INC. (Real Estate Developer)
Seattle Copenhagen Growth Strategies

Count Me In: Tools for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Cities need to make it obvious that bicycles are welcome. World class bicycle infrastructure, which separates bicyclists from cars, is the most important piece. However, cities can enhance the bicycling experience through technology, such as bicycle counters, which not only gather data about bicyclists, but have eye-catching displays to show bicyclists they are being noticed and tracked. Many European cities have already installed these type of bicycle counters. This report provides detailed information on bicycle counters and other technologies that enhance the experience of bicyclists and pedestrians. CLIENT: Seattle Dept. of Transportation
Count Me In: Tools for Pedestrians and Bicyclists