Urban Best Practices for Global Sustainability/Global Best Practices for Urban Sustainability

i-SUSTAIN is an urban strategy firm. Since 2003, we have researched and documented global best practices in urban sustainability. Through a combination of professional research missions, compelling research and communication projects, and innovative events, i-SUSTAIN has had a significant impact in the Pacific Northwest cities of Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. In 2012, i-SUSTAIN opened an office in Washington, DC to facilitate working with more U.S. cities.
i-SUSTAIN’S clients include elected officials, public agency staff as well as real estate developers, architecture and landscape architecture firms, engineering firms, planning firms, and more. By exposing these influential and involved urban professionals to global best practices, i-SUSTAIN has helped to provide them with the information and knowledge they need to create policies and implement projects that increase the sustainability of their cities.